Sorry guys! A lot of private events this week! If you’re in Oak Ridge during lunch time on Thursday stop by and say hey!Come find usHey sips friends. Here is our schedule for the week. Come say hey and partake in a sweet sip. @classiccookiefest @centennialvillageapts  @museumofappalachia @thechefsworkshopOur newest PERMANENT menu item. Meet the newest Energizer: Radium! Pairs well with Red Bull and Monster Energy drinks!Free drinks for teachers! Come check us out on Monday or Wednesday. Thanks to The Chef's Workshop and their food truck rally's!See you this April!Think of us for your teacher appreciation week!#dirtysoda #coke #southernsips #vitamins #aprilfoolsSweet sips this week! Happy Easter!Come see us Saturday, March 23, @karns_highschool . Ask for the Cherry Fizz. Fizzy Sprite with a sweet cherry and lime syrup topped with a tangy fresh lime.Not a soda fan? Limiting your sugar? Try one of our refreshers.Sorry guys! Our old truck broke last night. We were so lucky to make it home. We need to get it fixed! So tomorrow we won’t be able to make it to @roanestate . Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 we  have a solution soon!@pathwayssevier @roanestatefoundation #soda #gourmet #dirtysoda #sipsWeek of 3/4-3/9We are excited to be officially open for the season. Here is a sneak peek of what March looks like. Check our weekly posts for exact times. We will most likely be adding more gigs as we go. Let us know if you'd like us for your next event! See you out there!Happy Valentine's Day!Come and see us! And if you’re new we welcome you with open arms and cups filled with delightful bubbles. #tobykeith #soda #oakridgetennessee #oakridgehighschool #orhs #petadoptionWhen birds attack your place of work. #feelslikehate #birds #soda #theofficehatecrimeCome and see us Oak Ridgers!!!! We’ll be out in front of our towns beloved bakery. I’m sure you’ve missed your soda fix like we have missed seeing you! @millborne_bakery #oakridgetennessee #robertsvillemiddleschool #orhsWhat are your New Year resolutions?
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